About Us

BTW3 is a Unisex Fashion Label in Hong Kong curated by our Creative Director – Fashion Blogger Tim Wong.

As a self confessed shopaholic, Our Designer had a fascination for fashion at a very young age and is known for his experimental style and his reinventions at different fashion parties and Events.   BTW3 is a reflection of Tim’s off duty wardrobe – timeless and easy to wear clothing, featuring classic wardrobe staples but given modern twist.

BTW3 is the 3rd Business of the BTW GROUP. 3 represents (衫) which means clothing in Chinese., It also represents Freedom – the key ingredient to live the Born This Way . The BTW3 Customer are men and women who experiment with fashion, have a unique individual style and love to mix and match with different types of clothing. Instead of creating a signature look for our customers to follow, we aim to produce good quality clothing which allow our customers the freedom to create their own style working with the pieces from our collections.

We believe clothing is like a friend and we aim to create “old friends” which our clients wardrobes which they can go back to and give them a sense of comfort and confidence every time our designs are worn thru our collections in the future.

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